Children's Ministry

The World Changers program is a Junior Church program for grades K-4 children.

Our Middle School, grades 5-8, meets every week following worship service.

The overall message in our program is building a relationship with their Heavenly Father. Both programs stress loving, listening, and following Him.  Using the Bible as the basis of each lesson, students learn the rich Word of God as an example for their lives. Students also learn that worship and praise can result in a closer walk with Him. Students learn to act as Jesus did and be the example as He showed us in the Gospel. We teach listening to the Holy Spirit as the Guide and Comforter, and to follow His promptings. Prayer is taught as an integral part of their
walk with God, and all students are encouraged to prayer over one another or others in the church. Our students are learning to become World Changers in every sense of the word and The Well is committed to our young ones to grow into adults that treasure their relationship with the Lord.